Rawan Tahboub

FZRB new Managing Director

A New Chapter at the Research Center for Religion and Education: Welcome Aboard!
Rawan Tahboub
Image: Rawan Tahboub

Dear Members, Steering Committee, Professors, Affiliates, and Stakeholders,

I am thrilled to announce my appointment as the new Managing Director of the Research Center for Religion and Education (RCRE), following Dr. Stefan van der Hoek's tenure. My name is Rawan Tahboub, and I come to this role with a deep respect for the Center's established reputation and its unwavering focus on tackling the critical challenges of religious education in today's world.

The RCRE's unique commitment to fostering effective religious education in diverse settings – society, media, schools, communities, and families – deeply resonates with me. This comprehensive approach is essential to ensure that religious education remains relevant and adaptable in our ever-changing landscape.

As I embark on this exciting new journey, I am truly eager to collaborate with each and every one of you. Your collective expertise, diverse perspectives, and unwavering dedication form the bedrock of the RCRE's success. I look forward to learning from your experiences and fostering an environment where we can exchange ideas, explore innovative approaches, and continue developing impactful solutions.

Together, we have the potential to make significant strides in promoting well-rounded, inclusive, and contemporary religious education. Whether it be navigating the complexities of religious education in the age of social media, fostering interfaith understanding in our communities, or equipping educators with the tools they need to nurture young minds, the RCRE will be at the forefront of these crucial conversations.

I am confident that by working together, we can build upon the Center's impressive legacy and propel it towards an even brighter future. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me in the coming weeks. I am eager to connect with all of you and discuss your thoughts and aspirations for the RCRE.

With great enthusiasm,

Rawan Tahboub

RCRE Managing Director