Diaspora Studies Research Network

Welcome to the website of the Diaspora Studies Research Network

The 'Diaspora Studies' research network at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena emerged in 2022 from the development area 'Global Knowledge Transfer and Translocal Paradoxes' of the Profile Line Liberty and is co-financed by the Profile Line. The research network aims to bring together scientists dealing with the description and analysis of the phenomenon of diaspora and individual diasporic communities from different disciplinary perspectives. The research network emerged from the cooperation between the Department of Economic Geography and the Research Center for Religion and EducationExternal link (FZRB) at Friedrich Schiller University.

On this website, you will find further information about the network, its research projects, vision, members, and activities.


Logo des Forschungsnetzwerks Diaspora Studies
Logo des Forschungsnetzwerks Diaspora Studies
Image: Linda von Faber