Ongoing research projects

  • Transnational Linkages and Temporal Dynamics of the Tel Aviv Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (learn moreExternal link)
  • ReCOVery Resilience of Migrant Businesses in Times of COVID-19 (learn moreExternal link)
  • Migration and Separation: A Contribution to the Interpretation of Contemporary Migration Phenomena (learn more de
  • The Influence of German-Turkish Relations on the Turkish Education System in the First Epoch (1923-1946) of the Turkish Republic (learn more de)
  • "Simultaneity of the Unequal." New spatial orders and paradoxes as a challenge for religious education (learn more de)
  • Public Religious Education in a Closed Society: The role of the religious education magazine "Die Christenlehre" in the GDR (learn more de)
  • Contested Muslimness – Relations of religious minority organizations and their trans-nationalization (learn more de)
  • Virtual Exchange as a Mechanism for Digital Education in Reconciliation Process - Transdisciplinary Research (learn more de)
  • Otherness as Identity-Forming Self and External Marking (learn more de)